Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lights, Camera, Sequins!!!

So we all (should) know sequins will continue to be a trendy fashion statement in 2010. One thing I love about sequins is the fact that it is a versatile fashion piece. It can be styled up or down; going anywhere from a hot night club or party, to a day at the beach..Here are some tips on wearing this stylish *fashion forward*

*make sure when wearing sequins you DON'T overload! Pair a sequin top/jacket with plain bottom and vice versa, pair a sequin bottom with a plain top. You want ONE piece of clothing to be your spotlight, or highlight. =)
*For bottom pieces I would never suggest sequin PANTS, in my opinion they're too flashy and you draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself. Sequin leggings (paired with a plain tunic) or skirt does it for me as bottoms. Sequin dresses are usually a nice piece too.
*Many tend to lean towards black and silver but its okay to wear other colors.
*When pairing an outfit with sequin accessories make sure your outfit isn't too busy, meaning keeping designs and patterns on your shirt or pants to a minimum. Your outfit doesn't have to be "plain" but you want to look stylish not foolish.

My Idea (Look Book) for sequin pieces:

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