Monday, December 14, 2009

Bedroom Set

So it started off as me just wanting to add a writing desk to my room, then it turned into the thought that I need to rearrange my room, THEN it turned into me renovating my room!!! loL! So now I'm in need of furniture..My colors will be black and white (ordinary I know but its a classic) with a hint of yellow..I am looking for a white or black (inexpensive) writing/computer/vanity/console desk or table (whatever you wanna call it) and one black or white night stand. My dream room is pictured in the IKEA catalog but my room isn't set up that way. N*E*waayyy I saw this picture and thought oooh that's simple and shaby chic-esque!

Of course my accent yellow wall will make my room pop a little more than this room (i think) and putting my pictures on the wall will make it less bland but I like this style..not too busy..that way it looks clean. ;-)
Now as for my desk I'm looking for something like this:


Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Rings and Things"

Ahhhhh I bid on some rings on ebay but didn't win =( oh well, I ended up going to Forever and getting a they are

- I like the circle tribal looking one..
- but his fav. is the one with the gem..
- so i bought both =)

"Sophisticated Swagg" is what they call me loL

I apologize for the bad quality pics ( I took a pic on my phone, not my camera) anywayyy tell me what you think of this look?? For some reason I felt like dressing up today,a slight professional look. I love it, what about you..?

- the shoes i just got in the mail from =D love them..but of course after 3hrs with them on...DANG! that was a mistake. However beauty is pain and it was worth it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nail Polish Colors for the season..

Matte Nail Polish Hot Nail  Color Trends Fall Winter 2009 2010 photo The colors: Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Alpine Snow, La Paz-itively Hot, and Gargantuan Green Grape...Darker colors are favored more for this Fall and Winter

Bow Pocket Acent Pant

These pants are a great substitute if you don't particularly like wearing "Jumpers/Rompers" (which is the latest trend) but still want to look/be stylish..they are comfy and a bit slouchy, however you can dress up your outfit to make them seem classy! =)
I suggest wearing heels, as seen in the pic, with a solid color top (doesn't have to be white) with a little texture so the outfit isn't so bland..ruffles or sequence would do just fine. Also accessorize! A nice chain necklace or bangle and don't forget the "must have" cocktail ring loL (i'm just kidding, accessorize however YOU like)

-hope you enjoy

Monday, December 7, 2009
We all know Rihanna is beautiful and has nice fashion sense ( and is also getting very bad publicity from that stunt she tried to pull with that 20/20 interview, only trying to put herself in the lime light to promote her album, shame on u Rihanna) 
   N*E*way this picture is not very flattering to her however i LOVE LOVE LOVE her accessories...the ring on her right hand finger and on the left, if u can make it out...her edgy bracelets with an accent of gold...even the necklace/chain she's wearing, it complements her neck-line and tank top!
    Instead of heading over to forever21 or any other popular store for that matter, i think i'm going to look up some jewelry on and maybe some thrift or consignment shops for my latest collection =) i'll let u know how it goes

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in LA, Cali is June 26th and 27th of 2010 (there are other dates and locations on the website) ...I'm planning on going. I'm NOT a makeup artist however I do believe it is very interesting to look at (and take pics of when its extravagant) here's their website if you're interested:

My outfit of the day

- I am diggin this shirt!! Got it from Forever 21 of course...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Consignment shops

So I stopped by a few consignment stores today after class, i heard they have the best deals on scarves...I went to Plato's Closet and this other Consignment/Boutique in my area. They had some nice things and I'd definitely recommend u shopping at Plato's if u like cool designer clothing but don't want to pay full price (which sometimes is a really ridiculous price) from what I saw, the prices range from $3.00 - $20.00 (just from the things I observed)..although i did not buy anything I did get some nice ideas for a few outfit combination's =)



America's Next Top Model

So the results were in and the winner is.......Nicole!!! I actually liked Nicole, she was quiet but deadly. I could tell from the start she was gonna make it to the final 2 (the person i really wanted to win was the 1st one to be cut loL) However, I do believe Laura had the better personality Nicole had a lil more "ummph" maybe it was the red curly hair loL..well anyways i hope she does well with her new title (ANTM) =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello bloggers!
I went to (i'd highly suggest u do the same) and found a lot of really nice things, I've been looking for blue shoes to match a jacket I bought from Forever 21 and the shoes on urbanog match quite nicely! And they're only $23.00

The Newest and the Latest

Forever21 has created a new line for those of you who love Vintage clothing..Its called Boutique by Forever21

It hasn't launched yet, but online members can get a sneak preview of the line before anyone else...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Original by "Nina Grace" loL

I saw a video on youtube and got the idea to make my own jewelry. I thought it would be a nice project, so I went to Joann Fabric store yesterday and bought a few things to make chain necklaces and a ring ( i also bought some chains from Ace Hardware Store)..I made my ring:

It didn't take very long at all..and i'm happy with the outcome =)..I was online today at LuLu' and saw this flower cocktail ring for sale:

It was $8.00, it's pretty but I like my original better loL. I'm still working on my necklace so i'll post pictures when it's done.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I told you I'm a fashion fAnAtIc...
has the cutest and most inexpensive shoes for this seasons style. From ankle to knee high boots, they have it all! Flats and heels alike {I love heels/platfrorms} cutesygirl is having a really *great* sale right now, and I thought you might want to check them out..

Originally: $22.99 On sale: $20.69

Classified Leach Mid-Calf Boots
Originally: $26.99 On sale: $24.29

Breckelle's Pancy12 Ankle Boots
Originally: $24.99 On sale: $22.49

Bamboo Key53 Knee-High Boots
Originally: $32.99 On sale: $29.69

Forever 21

I went online to and noticed some of their cute new arrivals:

Zipper Trim Slit Pumps $22.80

Bree Peep Toe Bootie $24.80

Strapless Majorette Dress $24.80

Shield Button Coat $42.80