Sunday, September 26, 2010


The other day I decided to do something a little different. Wear a skirt and wedges to class. It felt nice to actually get dressed (more than a tee-shirt and jeans) just for school. Not that I do it for the compliments but it was nice receiving them ;-)

I am in love with this skirt! And the Faux pearl necklace top added a little pizazz to the outfit, which is what I really liked =)

I'm not the type to wear short skirts so the length of this one was perfect for me, and the fact that it is a solid color was even better. I don't have any other SOLID color skirts other than black in my closet so this is definitely a new beginning.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fashion Shoot

And so here it is...the shoot I was talking about like 2 weeks ago (I wanted to do part of it in a library) well, we do do some in a library but those weren't my favorite shots. I'm so bad at blogging, I'm sorry guys I just don't feel like writing down how it all happened...I'm more of a pictures person anyway here they are:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Color me bad challenge - Week 1

These are the pics of what I wear this week:

Day 1 ~
(wearing: H&M blouse, Gap skirt, F21 jacket, Wetseal belt)

Okay okay, so I didn't really get away from the black/white tip but you didn't really expect me to jump right in the fire did u? I hope not loL...I'm trying. Off to class..l8r

~ Day 2
 (wearing: vintage blazer, F21 cami, F21 jeans, Aldo shoes, vintage Chanel handbag)

~ Day 3

~ Day 4

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Edition. (Week 1)

You know what's a real shame..I'm so lame! I'm always afraid to show my real style when I'm going out casually (i.e. school, the mall, out to eat lunch, ect.) I want to take risks. I'm the one who, when I just can't figure it out or spend too long trying to put an outfit together, ends up wearing black. I love black but it's time for me to move on.

Okay ladies would anyone like to join me in stepping out of their comfort zone - be it with fashion, food, music, or whatever! :) To be honest with you reading Karla's Closet has had the biggest impact on this decision. I've been a follower of hers for a while now and although I have my own style I would like to jump out there and have a little more color in my life loL..I mean, my favorite color is GreeN and I can only count 5 items in my closet that are green loL...I start tmrw...

Fresh Faces - MISRED Outifitters

Sara Stonecipher

Fashion Stylist/Designer & MISRED Outfitters Boutique Owner

MISRED Outfitters - 615 Central Ave. St.Petersburg, FL 33701

MISRED is an exchange fashion boutique located in the heart of St.Petersburg, FL. You can find vintage and designer clothing and accessories all marked at a reasonable price - very reasonably priced! And when I say "vintage and designer" I mean vintage and designer, none of that vintage-inspired look or mock-Chanel. You get the real deal, vintage Coach, Chanel, Michal Kors, etc. And the store is adorable, fashion inspired pictures are displayed everywhere so you can be inspired as you shop. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who is your Biggest Influence/Inspiration?

As I read Queen of Hearts blog this morning, I read her latest post talking about her biggest influence and inspiration, - "My mother will always hold the title of style icon as she continues to be my biggest supporter, influence and drive." - I thought, how sweet is that =)...kept reading and noticed she is asking for her readers to submit their biggest influence or inspiration. What is that ONE thing or who is that ONE person who inspires you most? I thought about who mine would be for a second and then realized, there is no ONE person for me.

"Who is your greatest influence?" I used to say all the time, with no hesitation, my mom! And although that holds true, as I've grown I've come to know and learn so many things along with meeting so many people. I am inspired by many things now. I take a little bit of something from many things:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion "Foto"Graphy

I have another shoot coming up soon and I'm really excited for it. I was trying to think of where I could shoot it..I'm sitting here in the library at my school and I've been inspired! loL..I'd love to shoot it here in our library, I have a few ideas as to what I would do and how I would pose the model.

I guess I need to find out who I need to talk to in order to get permission to shoot 1st on school campus and 2nd in the library where people are studying. Maybe we can switch the shoot to Friday, there aren't many students on campus that day. Oooh I hope we can do it here, that would be fun! But in case we don't I need more ideas..?

I would love to shoot somewhere out of the ordinary, I guess I'm looking more toward an editorial shoot. I want to tell a story with this one. =0....anyway, I'm just casting my thoughts online loL not really looking for feedback, unless, of course you have any suggestions loL.

Have a great day ladies!