Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Haul

=) Hello divas, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. More importantly the weekend is coming up! This past weekend was my birthday and I happened to be going down to Miami! It was wonderful, the weather was beautiful and my hotel was amazing, I even met Andre 3000 from Outcast, he was staying at the same hotel.

Well while I was down there I did some shopping of course, unfortunately I didn't make it to any of the malls (Aventura or Sawgrass) which is why I have to go back loL - along with seeing my friends of course loL. Like I was saying I did some shopping and really I only bought as requested I'm doing a shoe haul =) hope u enjoy...

I actually got these at Forever21 a few weeks ago. I wanted some black casual party booties and like I said in an earlier post, tie-ups are in this season. I think these are pretty cute huh?

With all the heels I own, I realized I had NO black pumps. Most, if not every, woman should own a pair of black pumps. They are your go-to for most occasions. {Work place - professional} I bought these in a shop down in Miami

Aren't these FIERCE?! 5" but I love the straps. I'm not used to walking in 5", 4" yes, 5" not quite loL.

I love these sandals, not only do they complement the foot a lot better than I thought they would but they are extremely comfortable I might say. I found these in Mia as well...I also read a blog recently that featured these sandals recommending - to complement the suede cream color of the shoe your toes should be painted a nice deep color (my fav is plum purple)

So what shoes are you craving this season?? I'd love to see the shoes you like! And what are your favorite colors?? My closet is filled with black and different shades of brown (as also seen here loL) I gotta get out of that habit loL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - Bathing Suits

So I'm headed down to Miami this weekend =D (it's my birthday on Saturday) I can't wait, but just like me, I waited til the last minute to buy a bathing suit. It's been about 2 years since my last new suit (I love to swim and I live in FL for goodness sake wth is wrong with me?!?) I'm a bit conscious of wearing a bikini in public though, so I've never owned one. This year I feel a change coming on...this season has me in a bright, cheerful, and adventurous mood so ON with the bikinis loL..I'm kidding. I'll prob get one and buy a cover up or something loL.
What's your favorite style of bathing suit? Bikinis, Monokinis, Regular one piece, Tankini??? Let me know and we can hash it out lol =) 
ANYWAY, enough with the rambling and on to the goods. I like to look good for less, upon looking for this season's hottest styled bathing suits I came across these:

Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340623
Luiza Bonadiman Colorful Swimsuit    
Gottex Spring 2009   
 Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340644    Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340614 
Retro, Black, White, and Tribal colors/prints are definitely in this season. I think I'll check out Forever21 loL

Taking It To The Streets - Sweat Pants

Whats this I hear, track pants are chic this season? Yepp, that's right designers like Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and L.A.M.B sported this look on the runway this season. Pair your sweatpants with eccentric, sexy, and/or embellished pieces. Blazers, Big shoulders, button downs, embellished tops and ladies don't forget HIGH HEELS! *No flats with this look* Don't forget bright colors for the spring season as well. 
Tell me, what do you think, sweatpants chic? Love it or Hate it? I'd love to hear from you =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - Coachella

Summer Style Inspirations kick off at this years Coachella Concert

Yes, the anxiously awaited Coachella concert brings style and inspiration to all! Festival goers dress up (and down) due to the100 degree California heat...3 days of cutoffs, straw hats, prints, neon colors, tees, and of course SHADES!
 street fashion-Coachella   street fashion-Coachella   street fashion-Coachella   street fashion-Coachella   street fashion-coachella   street fashion-Coachella

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - BFTE Cosmetics!

This weeks Review: 
Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics (B.F.T.E.)
Product: Multi-Use Minerals     Price: $6.50     Website:

With over 250 multi-use minerals to choose from you can't help but want to buy at least 5 in every color! However, I only ordered 6 seeing as this was my first time using BFTE cosmetics, I saw a few reviews on youtube so I thought I would give them a try =)....I know they are "multi-use" but I am using them as eye shadows only...I tested:
"Wicked" - a very light purple with green duotone
"Isis" - a bloody red with slight shimmer and red-bronze undertones.
"Dangerous" - this blue is very dark! With Blue shimmer to it, this will definitely make a bold statement.
"Chocolate" - I love this color! Its a golden brown with a copper shimmer
"Tropical" - this green has more of a blue undertone than I thought, it has a little bit of shimmer. Over all this is my least favorite shadow, I thought I was getting a green, instead this turns out blue on my skin =(
"Shopaholic" - this yellow is the perfect shade in my opinion. It isn't too bright to make u feel like a clown and not too dark not to tell that it is yellow, I would def. suggest getting this color.

All shades are highly pigmented (PLUS!) and can be applied both wet and dry! For best results wet, use BFTE cosmetic's "mix and fix mixing medium" it is fantastic!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

no comment

Top: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Bag: Coach

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost in the Forest...

I notice I have a few new followers..I just want to say thank you for following =) I really appreciate it!! Leave comments and let me know what you are looking for in this blog =) hope you all enjoy!





This is what I wore to work today, I tutor at my local High School (all subjects loL..yes I do get paid for it as so many ask) I felt like being comfy. Plain jeans and a tee works just fine for me =) what do you think?? Hope you all had a wonderful day!! 
Forever 21 everything!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Transitioning into Spring Makeup looks

Recently I've been fixated on makeup. MAC..NYX..BFTE..URBAN DECAY..SIGMA..COSTAL SCENTS. So I've been doing my research on this seasons looks and it's time to brighten up ladies! I hope these tips help =)

1. Brighter Lips (P.S. the darker the skin, the brighter the lip ;-) )
With the flowers blooming and bringing color to the environment, this season we want to be bold with a bright colorful lip. Pinks, Reds, Oranges.
M.A.C-Colour Me Coral, Ruby Woo, Morange ($14)
NARS-Casablanca, Niagara ($24)

2. Nail Polish
Brights..brings out yours skin tone, outfit, attitude!!
Blues, Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Lavender, Neons, and Metallics