Monday, December 14, 2009

Bedroom Set

So it started off as me just wanting to add a writing desk to my room, then it turned into the thought that I need to rearrange my room, THEN it turned into me renovating my room!!! loL! So now I'm in need of furniture..My colors will be black and white (ordinary I know but its a classic) with a hint of yellow..I am looking for a white or black (inexpensive) writing/computer/vanity/console desk or table (whatever you wanna call it) and one black or white night stand. My dream room is pictured in the IKEA catalog but my room isn't set up that way. N*E*waayyy I saw this picture and thought oooh that's simple and shaby chic-esque!

Of course my accent yellow wall will make my room pop a little more than this room (i think) and putting my pictures on the wall will make it less bland but I like this style..not too busy..that way it looks clean. ;-)
Now as for my desk I'm looking for something like this:



Froso said...

such a lovely bedroom! although I don't usually like black & white combinations (I am more of an oriental type) that one is really good!

N~Grace said...

I think Oriental is very nice! My mother loves that type as well so I understand why you like it =)