Monday, December 7, 2009
We all know Rihanna is beautiful and has nice fashion sense ( and is also getting very bad publicity from that stunt she tried to pull with that 20/20 interview, only trying to put herself in the lime light to promote her album, shame on u Rihanna) 
   N*E*way this picture is not very flattering to her however i LOVE LOVE LOVE her accessories...the ring on her right hand finger and on the left, if u can make it out...her edgy bracelets with an accent of gold...even the necklace/chain she's wearing, it complements her neck-line and tank top!
    Instead of heading over to forever21 or any other popular store for that matter, i think i'm going to look up some jewelry on and maybe some thrift or consignment shops for my latest collection =) i'll let u know how it goes

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