Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - BFTE Cosmetics!

This weeks Review: 
Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics (B.F.T.E.)
Product: Multi-Use Minerals     Price: $6.50     Website: http://bftecosmetics.com/eyes/multi-use-minerals

With over 250 multi-use minerals to choose from you can't help but want to buy at least 5 in every color! However, I only ordered 6 seeing as this was my first time using BFTE cosmetics, I saw a few reviews on youtube so I thought I would give them a try =)....I know they are "multi-use" but I am using them as eye shadows only...I tested:
"Wicked" - a very light purple with green duotone
"Isis" - a bloody red with slight shimmer and red-bronze undertones.
"Dangerous" - this blue is very dark! With Blue shimmer to it, this will definitely make a bold statement.
"Chocolate" - I love this color! Its a golden brown with a copper shimmer
"Tropical" - this green has more of a blue undertone than I thought, it has a little bit of shimmer. Over all this is my least favorite shadow, I thought I was getting a green, instead this turns out blue on my skin =(
"Shopaholic" - this yellow is the perfect shade in my opinion. It isn't too bright to make u feel like a clown and not too dark not to tell that it is yellow, I would def. suggest getting this color.

All shades are highly pigmented (PLUS!) and can be applied both wet and dry! For best results wet, use BFTE cosmetic's "mix and fix mixing medium" it is fantastic!

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