Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - Bathing Suits

So I'm headed down to Miami this weekend =D (it's my birthday on Saturday) I can't wait, but just like me, I waited til the last minute to buy a bathing suit. It's been about 2 years since my last new suit (I love to swim and I live in FL for goodness sake wth is wrong with me?!?) I'm a bit conscious of wearing a bikini in public though, so I've never owned one. This year I feel a change coming on...this season has me in a bright, cheerful, and adventurous mood so ON with the bikinis loL..I'm kidding. I'll prob get one and buy a cover up or something loL.
What's your favorite style of bathing suit? Bikinis, Monokinis, Regular one piece, Tankini??? Let me know and we can hash it out lol =) 
ANYWAY, enough with the rambling and on to the goods. I like to look good for less, upon looking for this season's hottest styled bathing suits I came across these:

Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340623
Luiza Bonadiman Colorful Swimsuit    
Gottex Spring 2009   
 Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340644    Gottex spring 2010 fashion 340614 
Retro, Black, White, and Tribal colors/prints are definitely in this season. I think I'll check out Forever21 loL

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do more shoe hauls! :)