Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taking It To The Streets - Sweat Pants

Whats this I hear, track pants are chic this season? Yepp, that's right designers like Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and L.A.M.B sported this look on the runway this season. Pair your sweatpants with eccentric, sexy, and/or embellished pieces. Blazers, Big shoulders, button downs, embellished tops and ladies don't forget HIGH HEELS! *No flats with this look* Don't forget bright colors for the spring season as well. 
Tell me, what do you think, sweatpants chic? Love it or Hate it? I'd love to hear from you =)


annie said...

Sweats are sooo comfortable! But...i do think it's kinda funny that they are being shown on a high end line! Maybe I will try out the look... *with heels*!

N~Grace said...

loL I thought it was funny too. I'm not sure if I'm the type to try to rock sweats out in public but kudos to all who do. If you do try the look make sure to let me know (comment or e-mail me) so I can be inspired by your creativity =)if you like, I will even post it =)