Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost in the Forest...

I notice I have a few new followers..I just want to say thank you for following =) I really appreciate it!! Leave comments and let me know what you are looking for in this blog =) hope you all enjoy!





This is what I wore to work today, I tutor at my local High School (all subjects loL..yes I do get paid for it as so many ask) I felt like being comfy. Plain jeans and a tee works just fine for me =) what do you think?? Hope you all had a wonderful day!! 
Forever 21 everything!


Leenda said...

Cute outfit! I love the accessories. I always forget to put on accessories. haha They can make an outfit 10x better!

N~Grace said...

Tks! I'm glad u like it..loL I know what you mean though, I usually forget too so with this outfit I think I just went overboard w/ accessories loL.