Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion "Foto"Graphy

I have another shoot coming up soon and I'm really excited for it. I was trying to think of where I could shoot it..I'm sitting here in the library at my school and I've been inspired! loL..I'd love to shoot it here in our library, I have a few ideas as to what I would do and how I would pose the model.

I guess I need to find out who I need to talk to in order to get permission to shoot 1st on school campus and 2nd in the library where people are studying. Maybe we can switch the shoot to Friday, there aren't many students on campus that day. Oooh I hope we can do it here, that would be fun! But in case we don't I need more ideas..?

I would love to shoot somewhere out of the ordinary, I guess I'm looking more toward an editorial shoot. I want to tell a story with this one. =0....anyway, I'm just casting my thoughts online loL not really looking for feedback, unless, of course you have any suggestions loL.

Have a great day ladies!

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Denisha said...

I think that is a great idea!! lol You might have a few onlookers!!! hehehehe, you know how our school is! :) lemme know how they come out if you do it. -DK