Monday, September 6, 2010

Who is your Biggest Influence/Inspiration?

As I read Queen of Hearts blog this morning, I read her latest post talking about her biggest influence and inspiration, - "My mother will always hold the title of style icon as she continues to be my biggest supporter, influence and drive." - I thought, how sweet is that =)...kept reading and noticed she is asking for her readers to submit their biggest influence or inspiration. What is that ONE thing or who is that ONE person who inspires you most? I thought about who mine would be for a second and then realized, there is no ONE person for me.

"Who is your greatest influence?" I used to say all the time, with no hesitation, my mom! And although that holds true, as I've grown I've come to know and learn so many things along with meeting so many people. I am inspired by many things now. I take a little bit of something from many things:

From my mother, it happens to be her strength and confidence. She is a strong willed person. When she wants something she sets her goals and achieves them! When you really think about it, a lot of people can't say that. They set a goal, but don't take the necessary steps to accomplish them.  

My dad, his work ethic. He is a strong and hard working man. He is dependable and always willing to lend a helping hand.

My little brother, his motivation to learn. I swear this boy has different phases in his life when he'll be "obsessively" interested in something for a while then onto the next "obsessively" interesting thing loL. When he is into something, he is REALLY into it and learns all there is to know about it. For example at one point he was interested in Presidents, then it was Skyscrapers, then LA, then Ships (Titanic), Maps (he is my personal GPS now loL he can get you anywhere you need to go), Michale Jackson, etc. He so unbelievably smart and motivates me to learn as well.

When it comes to fashion and photography I am inspired by so many things! I am often inspired by the bloggers I have listed as my favorites. I am also inspired by architecture, colors, different cultures, mood, and the season!

I want to submit my influence/inspiration. She asked for the Biggest, which in my eyes means ONE and as you can see I don't have just one. She also asked for a picture - mine would be a collage loL. I think I'm going to send one to her anyway just to see how she'll respond, if she responds.

So since we're on the subject, who is YOUR Biggest (or many loL) influence/inspiration? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

~have a great day

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Badley said...

Hey Nina!

I'm glad you liked the post! I know exactly what you mean, inspiration comes from everywhere. I hope you still decide to send yours in, whether it's a collage or not. Can't wait to read more about it :]