Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Edition. (Week 1)

You know what's a real shame..I'm so lame! I'm always afraid to show my real style when I'm going out casually (i.e. school, the mall, out to eat lunch, ect.) I want to take risks. I'm the one who, when I just can't figure it out or spend too long trying to put an outfit together, ends up wearing black. I love black but it's time for me to move on.

Okay ladies would anyone like to join me in stepping out of their comfort zone - be it with fashion, food, music, or whatever! :) To be honest with you reading Karla's Closet has had the biggest impact on this decision. I've been a follower of hers for a while now and although I have my own style I would like to jump out there and have a little more color in my life loL..I mean, my favorite color is GreeN and I can only count 5 items in my closet that are green loL...I start tmrw...

My Weekly goal (I'll start small): at least one item of clothing has to be a color which isn't black or white & I will choose one new color every day. Pink, Green, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Blue, Brown, Purple or whatever else I can find in my closet loL...

Anyone who would like to make weekly goals along with me just send me an email letting me know =) ngracephoto@gmail.com

~with love, Nina

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