Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fresh Faces - MISRED Outifitters

Sara Stonecipher

Fashion Stylist/Designer & MISRED Outfitters Boutique Owner

MISRED Outfitters - 615 Central Ave. St.Petersburg, FL 33701


MISRED is an exchange fashion boutique located in the heart of St.Petersburg, FL. You can find vintage and designer clothing and accessories all marked at a reasonable price - very reasonably priced! And when I say "vintage and designer" I mean vintage and designer, none of that vintage-inspired look or mock-Chanel. You get the real deal, vintage Coach, Chanel, Michal Kors, etc. And the store is adorable, fashion inspired pictures are displayed everywhere so you can be inspired as you shop. 

I contacted Sara - after shopping around in her boutique a few weeks ago - asking if I could take a few pictures of her for my site. After meeting, I cant even begin to tell you how inspiring she was!

At a young age she has accomplished many of her goals and is continuing on to set and accomplish even more.  She is currently working on the designs of the MISRED clothing line along with the launch of an online store. Not only is Sara using her skills and talents to promote the success of her business, she is also educating and enhancing the community through fashion and inspiration.


Denisha said...

NINA!! IM SOOO "J" These pictures are adorable!!! :)

N~Grace said...

Thank you dear =)...u're next!!

Fashionably Black said...

Lovely photos!