Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fashion Shoot

And so here it is...the shoot I was talking about like 2 weeks ago (I wanted to do part of it in a library) well, we do do some in a library but those weren't my favorite shots. I'm so bad at blogging, I'm sorry guys I just don't feel like writing down how it all happened...I'm more of a pictures person anyway here they are:


Casee Marie said...

Your photographs are beautiful! I love the tank top with the bows on the back, it looks so cool photographed from the side. Gorgeous work!

And thank you so much for commenting and following us on SHE! (:

annie said...

Hey! I love these pictures!
I thought I had commented before but didn't. :(

Anyways, I gave you an award. It's on my blog!

Sheyla said...


You're an awesome photographer An.

I'm glad to reconnect with your photos and looks!